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WolfTek Mission Group has extensive experience providing products and services to the Federal government. As an 8(a) Alaska Native Corporation, we offer a unique, flexible, and streamlined sole source procurement option to our Government customers. Available through all SBA-certified 8(a) subsidiaries within the WolfTek family of companies, sole source contracting with WolfTek provides the Government with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) provisioned methods to maximize performance flexibility, mission continuity, and small business goal achievement..

We have teamed successfully with leading large and small businesses to complement our business strategy and to offer our clients comprehensive, innovative solutions. Combining WolfTek’s talents with our business teammates’ yields extraordinary depth and breadth of technical expertise to solve complex problems.

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ANC Contracting Advantages

No Competition
Government can “sole source” contracts to a single ANC 8(a), allowing for awards with no competition, no advertisement and no protest
Must Be Competed?
There is no requirement that a procurement must be competed whenever possible before it can be accepted on a sole source basis for a tribally owned concern.
4 Million Dollar Threshold?
Alaskan Native Corporation 8(a) companies do not have the same ceiling as individual 8(a) companies. (Federal Regulations e-CFR 41 U.s.c. 431(a). Part 124 Subpart A, 8(a)
22 Million Dollar Ceiling
$20M Sole Source Limit w/o J&A for DoD, GSA and NASA - Federal Register Volume 76, Issue 51: Ceiling raised 22M$ effective 10/1/2015